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LA Weekly is a feel good 19 track mixtape, full of car cruising, blunt blowing music with that unique LA sound and a feel that only Yung LA could bring. This mixtape is full of bangers with musical productions and beats created by the infamous 89, WavyDidThat, TB and Drummer Beezy, just to name a few. Some of the rap features you can expect to hear through your speakers include Da Bully, Peezy, Adios and Beazt Gaitlin for repeat worthy music!

This mixtape can be bundled with the LA Weekly book, making the perfect visual and audio pair. The LA Weekly book is a 19 page book featuring set and BTS photography from Yung LA's video shoots. This La Weekly book was perfectly curated by Milk it Media Marketing and is filled with QR codes that take you straight to a Yung LA music videos directed by Yung's amazing production team which includes Official Juice, Milk it Media, Jambalaya, and R Digital. Take a ride through LA with Yung on every page!

LA Weekly Mixtape and QR Code Visual Book

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